“We have a one acre pond in our back yard, and we have had an algae problem from the beginning. We have very hot and sunny summers and the Midnight Reflections dye does a great job keeping the pond looking great and preventing algae outbreaks.”
– Stuart L. –

“I maintain 4 lakes for 4 different communities with Natural Reflections products and Skips expertise. I have taken them from being an eye sore to clean and beautiful. I recommend Natural Reflections, they are professional and friendly.”
– Robert –

“I am constantly asked what I do to get my pond looking so pretty. It’s a pretty simple reply, “Pond dye guy!”. I’ve used a few other products in the past, but no longer. I throw in the midnight blue packs every 4 months and I know it’s going to look great.”
– Chad H. –

“We moved into a new house in the summer of 2001. Our pond out back gradually turned solid green (with algae). Another management company was “spraying” our pond, with no success. Matter of fact, it seemed to make it worse. We contacted Skip at Pond Dye Guy for an assessment. He recommended treating our pond with natural bacteria to reduce the amount of nutrients in the pond. In our situation, just spraying the algae and allowing it to decay was actually increasing the nutrients in the pond. In 2002, we began the simple process of adding natural bacteria and tossing in pond dye packets every two weeks, and just supplementing with two sprayings. It is now 2006. We have had a beautiful pond for 4 years. We are still in amazement at the transformation! We highly recommend Pond Dye Guy.”
– Sandy Anderson, Plymouth –


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