Q. How much dye do I need in my pond?

A. The dye usage is calculated in Acre Feet. 1 – WSP water soluble packet is used for 1 acre foot of pond or 1 – half Gallon liquid dye is used for 4 acre feet. (depending on desired shading).

Pond is Rectangular:

Length x Width x Average Depth of Pond x .9 (ponds are not perfectly rectangular) = Square Feet. Then divide by 43,560. This number is the Acre Feet for your pond.

Pond is Round

Measure the Radius (1/2 the diameter) of the pond x Radius x 3.14 (pi) x average depth of the pond = Square Feet. then divide by 43,560. This number is the acre feet of your pond.

If your pond falls in between round and square, adjust the formula to calculate acre feet. For example, for a slightly less square pond multiply by .8 instead of .9. If you have a multi curved pond, either measure in sections or take entire measurement and estimate what you should subtract.

Q. What is the difference between powder and liquid dye?

A. Powdered dye is provided to you in water soluble packets (WSP). Calculate the amount you need . Then remove the WSP packets from outer bag and toss in the pond. They take about 2 minutes to dissolve. If it is windy toss the packet on the up wind side of the pond so it will drift over the pond as it dissolves.

Liquid dye is provided to you in a plastic jug. Calculate the amount you need. Then pour the dye into pond at several locations to improve dispersion. If you use all the dye, triple rinse the container and dispose of it properly (recycle).

Q. How long does the dye last?

A. The dye can last from 4 months down to 1 week depending on rainfall, water flow through the pond (or retention time of the pond) and the desired shading you want to keep. On an average: 4-6 weeks. We have local retention ponds that require a boost every 2 weeks throughout the season. Usually it is the smaller ponds that have the potential of rainfall and watershed diluting the dye quickly. Just add more dye to get the desired shading back. Adding more dye throughout the season will keep your pond looking great.

Q. Does the dye make the pond look unnatural?

A. Reflections Pond Dyes are formulated to be used in ponds. It is up to the pond owner to determine whether or not the pond looks “natural”.

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